Northern Lights #4

Northern Lights - Week 38 2020

Welcome the the fourth Northern Lights! 

A weekly returning item where we showcase 10 tracks. Only the best and most unique tracks will make it on this list. 

This week, week 38, the list is dominated by the Volta Expedition. ….

So if you are in need of some new songs for your playlist or if you are searching for inspiration for your own project you are at the right place!

# 10

Player1 - Walk Away

Expedition Volta

This track didn’t really ‘Walk Away‘ from us, but more towards us. We are glad we found this one little gem on the internet. We hope to hear much more from Player1 in the future.

Released on: Actuation

# 9

Galantis x Ship Wrek x Pink Sweat$ - Only A Fool (Low Steppa Remix)

Expedition Volta

Low Steppa did the unbelievable and created a remix of ‘Only A Fool‘ that made it even better! The original was released by Galantis, Ship Wrek and Pink Sweat$.

Released on: Big Beat Records

# 8

Excision x Wooli x Seven Lions - Another Me (Whales Remix)

Expedition Volta

iF a collaboration between Excision, Wooli and Seven Lions wasn’t enough. Whales adds even more power to this song with his remix of ‘Another Me‘. Are you ready for this madness?

Released on: Excision Music

# 7

Shapes x A Little Sound - Our Time

Expedition Volta

An amazing bass release by Shapes and A Little Sound. ‘Our Time’ has it all to kickstart your weekend with. Upbeat and high-energy!

Released on: Circus Records

# 6

AC13 ft. KingDeepField - Tell No Soul

Expedition Volta

Tell No Soul‘ is one from the Drum ‘n’ Bass genre. A perfect track to play while you are chilling at your favorite spot. The production is by AC13 with the vocals of KingDeepField

Released on: Soulvent Records

# 5

The Nicholas ft. Golden Vessel - Grocery Store

Expedition Z

The Nicolas made it on our list taking the 5th spot. Featuring Golden Vessel vocals on ‘Grocery Store‘. I need for more by The Nicolas? Check out his Silverside EP.

Released on: bitbird

# 4

Keys N Krates - Double Dutch

Expedition Volta

Keys n Krates got inspired by choir chants, booming 808s, tribal drums and twinkling pianos. The outcome is a strong well-balanced track with the name ‘Double Dutch‘.

Released on: N/A

# 3

Dillon Francis - The Coconut Nut (Malibu Remix)

Expedition Volta

‘This one will get you right in the party mood! The Malibu remix of ‘The Coconut Nut‘ by Dillon Francis. Grab a drink and go coco-nuts!

Released on: Pizzaslime Records

# 2

Whethan ft. Oliver Tree - Freefall

Expedition Volta

Oliver Tree and Whethan have dropped a new track. ‘Freefall‘ is the perfect combination of two unique styles. This track deserves a lot of replays!

Released on: Atlantic Recording

# 1

Adam Jensen - John Doe

Expedition Volta

Adam Jensen takes the number spot this week with his latest release ‘John Doe‘. Combining dark rhythms with this dark and thought-provoking lyrics. A great addition for your playlist.

Released on: N/A

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