Northern Lights #1

Welcome the the first Northern Lights! 

This is a weekly returning item where we showcase 10 tracks. Only the best and most unique tracks will make it on this list. 

This week, week 35, you can find brand new releases, a couple of remixes and a whole lot of talent! So if you are in need of some new songs for your playlist or if you are searching for inspiration for your own project you are at the right place!

# 10

Nirvana - Something In The Way (T-Mass Remix)

Expedition Volta

T-Mass is one of my favorite producers thanks to his unique releases, remixes and bootlegs. This time he took the risk to create a remix of ‘Something In The Way‘ by Nirvana. He definitely didn’t disappoint! 

Released on: N/A

# 9

DRS & Dynamite ft. DJ Marky - A Song For You

Expedition Volta

A new release on Hospital Records by DRS, Dynamite and DJ Marky. A great Drum and Bass track to play when you are spending a day at the park or beach. 

Released on: Hospital Records

# 8

Angerfist & Miss K8 - Madrid

Expedition Bass

Madrid‘ is a perfect showcase of how  mainstream Hardcore has evolved. A great buildup, variation along the way and some heavy hitting bass. Angerfist and Miss K8 know what’s up.

Released on: Masters of Hardcore

# 7

Crooked Colours - Love Language

Expedition Z

This talented dance group from Perth, Australia brings us their latest single ‘Love Language‘. If you have never heard of Crooked Colours before, make sure to check out their other releases! 

Released on: Atlantic Records

# 6

Blut Own - Moment

Expedition Volta

Blut Own is a talented producer from Russia. He is this week in our list with one of his latest releases ‘Moment‘. It is hard to describe the feelings you get from this song. So give it a try yourself when you are somewhere alone and drift away!

Released on: N/A

# 5

sad alex - s.f.s.

Expedition Volta

Just because you are sad, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. That is the message of this song. Instead of a typical ballad, sad alex choose to create a catchy uptempo song. 

Released on: Red Bull Records

# 4

The Vamps - Married In Vegas (Matoma Remix)

Expedition Volta

If you ever going to get married in Las Vegas, this is the track you need to play for your first dance! Matoma has created an amazing remix of ‘Married In Vegas‘ by The Vamps

Released on: Universal Music

# 3

Conrank ft. Charmae - These Walls

Expedition Volta

The now Los Angeles based Conrank has shown us again that he is one of the most creative producers out there. Combined with vocals of CharmaeThese Walls‘ we think this is an absolute Drum and Bass classic.

Released on: Circus Records

# 2

SMACK & Luciana - Tik Tok

Expedition Volta

No, this is not a tribute to the TikTok app. This track is all about that first beat that is right on time! ‘Tik Tok‘ is an absolute banger by SMACK & Luciana

Released on: Heldeep Records

# 1

MEMBA - Strider

Expedition Volta

This musical duo started the MEMBA project in 2014. With releases on Heroic, Elysian and Monstercat they have shown us that they are at the top of the world. This time it is no different with there latest release ‘Strider‘. Don’t wait and press play, the intro gets you right into the track.

Released on: Foreign Family Collective

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