Northern Lights #2

Welcome the the second Northern Lights! 

A weekly returning item where we showcase 10 tracks. Only the best and most unique tracks will make it on this list. 

This week, week 36, it is more diverse with music from more genres! So if you are in need of some new songs for your playlist or if you are searching for inspiration for your own project you are at the right place!

# 10

Monocule - Waiting For You

Expedition Volta

Something you might not have expected, a release by Monocule. Don’t know who Monocule is? This is brand new alter ego of Nicky Romero. ‘Waiting For You‘ is featured on Monocule Volume 1, his alter ego’s new EP.

Released on: Protocol Recordings

# 9

David Penn & KPD - Jerkin'

Expedition Volta

This track has disco-vibes written all over it! A funky release by David Penn & KPD on Armada Music. A must listen if you like to groove on the dance floor. 

Released on: Armada Music

# 8

Axel Boy - In The Dark

Expedition Volta

An upbeat release by Axel Boy. An UK-Based producer that is known for his versatility and unrestricted sound. Something that is showcased in his latest release ‘In The Dark’.

Released on: N/A

# 7

MUZZ ft. Koven - Catharsis

Expedition Volta

A new release by MUZZ! He is an UK-based producer that has been featured on Monstercat since 2011. Together with Koven they have released ‘Catharsis‘.

Released on: Monstercat Uncaged

# 6

Di-rect - Color

Expedition Z

Di-rect is a Dutch band that was created back in 1999. With two changes, a new lead singer (in 2009) and keyboardist (in 2016), they are still going strong. ‘Color‘ is one of their latest releases and it can be considered as a classic from the band.

Released on: 8Ball Music

# 5

Unglued ft. Whiney & Truthos Mufasa - War Dance

Expedition Volta

Unglued is back with a new EP! Together with Whiney they created bass-rumbling chaos. ‘War Dance‘ is further finished off by Truthos Mufasa his bars.

Released on: Hospital Records

# 4

The Zealots - Lazarus

Expedition Z

The Zealots take the fourth spot in our list with their new release ‘Lazarus‘. More is coming soon in a couple weeks when their new EP drops.

Released on: Enter Records

# 3

GG Magree ft. Joey Fleming - Nervous Habits

Expedition Z

GG Magree & Joey Fleming are the perfect duo to deliver ‘Nervous Habits‘. The result is a breathtaking acoustic version of the original. 

Released on: Dim Mak Records

# 2

Jackson Wang & Galantis - Pretty Please

Expedition Volta

Galantis are back and not alone! This time he teamed up with Jackson Wang. Their creation ‘Pretty Please‘ is an absolute upbeat banger! 

Released on: 88rising Music / 12Tone Music

# 1

Gorillaz ft. slowthai & Slaves - Momentary Bliss

Expedition Volta

The first season (and hopefully not the last) of the Song Machine. This album showcases some unique release by the Gorillaz with increadible features. On ‘Momentary Bliss‘ it is slowthai & Slaves that are featured. 

Released on: Parlophone Records 

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