Northern Lights #3

Northern Lights - Week 37 2020

Welcome the the third Northern Lights! 

A weekly returning item where we showcase 10 tracks. Only the best and most unique tracks will make it on this list. 

This week, week 37, the list is dominated by the Volta Expedition. Eight entrees and still so much variation. Also don’t forget the two tracks from the Bass Expedition.  So if you are in need of some new songs for your playlist or if you are searching for inspiration for your own project you are at the right place!

# 10

Nexone - Follow Your Heart

Expedition Bass

This copyright free release by Nexone confirms that Dirty Workz is on the right track. Giving upcoming producers a bigger platform. ‘Follow Your Heart‘ is a solid melodic Hardstyle track.

Released on: Dirty Workz

# 9

Gorillaz ft. Robert Smith - Strange Timez

Expedition Volta

The Gorillaz are on fire with their Song Machine Season One album. ‘Strange Timez‘ features Robert Smith and refers to some of the current issues going in the world. Listen to it a couple times, because this one might take a little time to appreciate.

Released on: Parlophone Records

# 8

The Elite ft. Bram Boender - Toss A Coin To Your Witcher

Expedition Bass

A spin on the famous song ‘Toss A Coin To Your Witcher‘. The original song was featured many times in the Netflix serie ‘The Witcher’. The Elite has tranformed it to a Hardstyle classic.

Released on: Dirty Workz

# 7

Tokyo Machine - Rock It (VIP)

Expedition Volta

Tokyo Machine with VIP release of ‘Rock It‘. This Electro House track is upbeat and perfect to play some Rocket League on. Perhaps that is why it ws on released on the Legacy album. 

Released on: Monstercat Uncaged

# 6

Ekko & Sidetrack ft. Ruth Royall - Paper Birds

Expedition Volta

Drum ‘n’ Bass at its best with a new release by Ekko & Siketrack. ‘Paper Birds‘ features the vocals Ruth Royall. Together they have created a powerful track to play on repeat.

Released on: Viper Recordings

# 5

Kiiara ft. DeathbyRomy & PVRIS - Numb

Expedition Volta

Kiiara released a new song ‘Numb‘ with DeathbyRomy & PVRIS. It is perhaps one of her best songs yet! Great build up with a lot of variation along the way. That is why it is on the Top 10 list of this week.

Released on: Atlantic Recording

# 4

The Same Persons - Versace

Expedition Z

The Russian duo The Same Persons releases a new copyright free release on NCS. ‘Versace‘ is a mixture of Arabic vibes and vocal parties. 

Released on: NoCopyrightSounds

# 3

ShockOne - Follow Me

Expedition Volta

Are you following TheNorthGrove yet on everything? ‘Follow Me‘ by ShockOne takes a little dig at the follow culture. While doing so, he also created an absolute banger! 

Released on: Dark Machine Records

# 2

MISSIO - Can You Feel The Sun

Expedition Volta

‘Can You Feel The Sun‘ will be released on the 23rd of October, but I couldn’t wait to share this one with you. A really powerful track that shows the talent of the American duo MISSIO

Released on: 2B Recordings

# 1

Alora - Without You

Expedition Volta

The Dutch duo Alora releases one of the best tracks this year! ‘Without You‘ is hard to describe. With a spacy vibe and an inescapable melody this needs to be on your playlist!

Released on: Rampage Recordings

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